From condos at the Lake to luxury homes in Richmond Hill, I can help you buy or sell with confidence.

This is a massive city. The fourth largest metro area in North America. No agent can know it all. But I know a surprising amount of it. Especially in the Central GTA.

And for any area, I’ll tell you what I know, and what I don’t know. With no BS.

Fortunately, I’m also a quick study and naturally curious, so I’ll get answers for you if I don’t already have them.



Location, Location…plus Insightful Information

You often heard friends, and even real estate agents, say “Oh, that’s a good area.”

I like to give you a neighbourhood assessment that’s more personal; one that helps you decide whether that ‘good’ area is also good for you.

Or not.

I’ll give you all the usual key facts like school quality, age of homes, rebuilding and price trends.

But I’ll also give you insights into neighbourhood character, coming development, turnover rate, and more.

These extra considerations can help you understand what area fits you and your lifestyle best today…and down the road.


Next Steps?

For information on communities, call or email me personally.

I also encourage you to check out NEIGHBOURHOOD GUIDE, a fantastic look at over 400 Toronto ‘hoods by the man who literally “Wrote The Book” on them, my good friend and agent colleague, David Dunkelman.